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We love talking over the phone and have a chat. But if you have quick questions, you can also check our FAQs.

Are you insured?2020-09-17T22:10:33+10:00

Please ensure you have taken steps to insure your property. Our insurance covers rollover or collision and damages resulting from these circumstances (this does not cover accidental damages). Those Local Guys are supported by CARTS Insurance for full comprehensive accidental insurance options that may be suitable. By clicking Here you will be directed to CARTS Insurance, please *make sure to select Those Local Guys on the referral drop down.

Do you offer discounts for multi service use?2020-09-17T22:06:55+10:00

There sure is! We try to make moving as stress free and affordable as possible. If you are planning on using us for multiple services, please call us to discuss your needs so we can tailor a package for you.

Do you work on weekends?2020-09-17T21:50:16+10:00

We sure do! Our team works 7 days a week to make sure we can help you when you need it. EMERGENCY moves available 24/7.

How do we make a payment?2020-09-17T21:24:55+10:00

You can either pay Cash once the job is completed or pay via Debit or Credit Card (however all card payments incur a 2.24% transaction fee.) We are now also Zip Pay approved. For more information regarding how Zip works please call us on 0404 842 525

How does pricing work?2020-09-17T21:36:11+10:00

For 99% of moves, we work on an hourly rate. When our Removalists arrive at the first location, they start the clock; and when the last item is put down at the final destination, they stop the clock. Then we add the fixed rate call out fee that is discussed during quoting and booking. The other 1% we do a fixed rate move and is only for special circumstances (e.g long distance moves)

How many men and a truck do I get?2020-09-17T21:59:25+10:00

We tailor our service to what you need… we can offer anything from 1 man and a Ute/Truck right up to 5 Trucks, multiple Utes and the whole team out there if needed. Please call to arrange a solution for your individual needs.

How much notice do I have to give?2020-09-17T21:45:38+10:00

Ideally as much as possible to ensure we do have the time and resources available. However, we have been doing this a little while now and know life happens – so we can normally help most people even with little notice.

What if it rains?2020-09-17T21:57:54+10:00

When it comes to rain, each situation is assessed differently based on clients needs. However, of course, our main priorities are keeping your belongings and our staffs safe. We will always do our best to move you so if there is a way, we will find it.

What size are your trucks?2020-09-17T21:55:21+10:00

Our smallest truck is 20m3 (great for units and/or difficult access) and our largest truck is 55m3 (Best for whole house moves with more than 2 bedrooms). If you are unsure which size will suit you best, head on over to our Inventory Calculator or call us at 0404 842 525  to discuss your needs today.

When moving, what is the best order to do everything in?2020-09-17T22:03:48+10:00

Generally – Move comes first, then Bond Cleaning, then Carpet Cleaning and then Pest Control. If Lawns need to be mowed, it is highly recommended to be done before the Pest Treatment. Luckily, we offer all these services to make your move a breeze.

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